A bit of background on the courses, and me.

Training courses

Accessible, practical and affordable.

For independent and agency-side creative professionals.

Gain confidence and boost your career with essential commercial skills.



All five courses for the price of four

(Growing your network free)

The courses work best as a complete set taken in order. This bundle will deliver the very best learning experience


6 videos + worksheet and summary

Understand the value of your network

Identify who to network with and use the right techniques to engage them

Use LinkedIn effectively and be a good member of a network


12 videos + worksheet and summary

Understand the importance of qualification

Identify high and low-quality leads and know how to respond to both

Use a 'playbook' of phrases that make asking difficult questions easier


10 videos + worksheet and summary

Recognise different types of creds meetings

Understand what success looks like for both you and and your prospects

Prepare and run successful creds meetings and follow-up afterwards


10 videos + worksheet and summary

Identify negotiating situations and understand the desired outcome

Recognise and use negotiation techniques, including phrases for common situations

Feel confident in reaching agreements


9 videos + worksheet and summary

Recognise that losing isn’t all bad

Feel confident running client debrief meetings, equipped with a practical guide

Identify learnings and use them to win future engagements

Included with all courses

Resources to download and keep.


Applies the learnings to your situation.


Captures all the main points.

Structure and content

A detailed look at what the courses include.


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